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Wireless In Ear Monitor G-MARK G5.1IEM UHF Stage Return Frequency Selectable For Singer Stage Guitar Studio DJ

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$139.99 USD

【made Of Tough Metal Material, Enhanced RF performance up to 200 feet 】 The dual-antenna diversity bodypack receiver adopts advanced digital signal processing technology to increase the signal and eliminate the blind angle of reception. Enables users to move freely in open spaces with an operating distance of 160 feet - 200 feet. The launcher is made of tough metal material. It is the best choice for wireless in-ear monitoring.

【Expandable Wireless Monitoring System】Unlimited quantity, unlimited bodypacks can be added, which can be used for stage monitoring tasks of the whole team, high-quality earplugs provide pure sound and enhanced performance. It is perfect for all kinds of wireless stage return events, guitar monitor,performances, studio recordings, exhibitions, presentations, coaching and more. Can be installed on standard rack units.

【40 Channels on Air】This wireless monitoring system has a total of 40 channels, with the widest tuning range, ultra-linear RF transmission and a stronger signal than any other ear monitor system. 20Hz-25KHz wide frequency response, 107 dB dynamic range.

【Adjustable frequency 】Wireless in ear monitoring system can create your personal or team monitoring system. This wireless monitoring system has 100 channels in total, with the broadest tuning range, super linear RF transmission, 20Hz-25KHz wide frequency response, and 107 dB dynamic range. Uncompressed wireless signal transmission, low noise and delay. Provides smooth frequency response for any headset.

【Buy with Confidence】30 days money back one year warranty, any question clicks in "YOUR ORDER" options click the “contact seller". Packing list: 1* Wireless in-ear system Transmitter,1* UHF Bodypack Receiver, 1* 6.35mm audio cable. 1* In-ear earbud, 1* Power Adapter, 1* Antenna, 1* Manual.

The G-MARK G5.1IEM wireless in ear monitor has excellent sound quality, stable RF performance and touring-grade features, making it a must-have for top audio professionals to perform with peace of mind. The G5.1IEM in ear monitor wireless adopts the patented audio reference companding technology and uses a dual-antenna diversity bodypack receiver, which can provide excellent sound quality, stable RF performance and tour-level functions. The in ear monitoring system is compatible with a total of 100 frequency channels, and is fully capable of handling harsh environments including professional IEM applications.

System setings
Desktop Ttransmitter Settings
1. Turn on/Turn off: long press POWER button
2. Group selection:①press the SYNC knob  ②Reverse frequency modulation knob to the UP or DOWN to choose

Bodypack Ttransmitter Settings
1. Turn on/Turn off:long press ON/OFF
2. Channel seletion:①Reverse the UP or DOWN to choose

Receiver technical parameters:
Oscillation method: PLL synthesized
Frequency Range: 520-580MHZ
Preset Channels: 40 channels 
FM Method: can be adjusted
Frequency Response: 80Hz-15KHz +3dB
Output Power: 2*35W
Headphone Load Impedance: >16Ω

Transmitter Technical Parameters:
Chassis Height: 1 U
Material: Metal
Frequency range: 520-580MHZ
Frequency Interval: 25MHZ
Number of channels: 40 channels 
Transmit output power: 100mW
Audio input: XLR or 6.5mm universal socket
Headphone output: 6.5MM, volume adjustable
Current consumption: DC12V/250mA
Antenna input socket: TNC socket

Packing list: 1* Wireless in-ear system Transmitter,1* UHF Bodypack Receiver, 1* 6.35mm audio cable. 1* In-ear earbud, 1* Power Adapter, 1* Antenna, 1* Manual.

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