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Bluetooth Microphone Wireless G-MARK Karaoke Base 3 Professional UHF Dynamic Mic Reverb Effect For Soundbar Party KTV Wedding

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1. Adjustable Frequency:
UHF frequency band transmits signal, 2 channels 2 antennas design for signal reception, signal enhancement, wireless microphone transmission distance up to 30 meters. The frequency range is between 560.5-594.4MHz.

2. Bluetooth microphone Function:
It can transmit music to the receiver through the phone, the microphone and music are simultaneously output to the speaker or soundbar through AUX or 6.5MM audio cable. (It is not possible to connect a speaker or soundbar directly via Bluetooth.)

3. Reverberation Function:
It can be adjusted the reverberation effect, treble, midrange, bass, and volume. It is an professional wireless microphon for Karaoke.

4. AUX interface:
In addition to the original 6.5MM and XLR audio line output, a multi-purpose AUX audio line output is added, which can be connected to a small Bluetooth speaker with only AUX interface, or a TV sound bar. Break through the embarrassment of other wireless microphones that cannot be directly connected to speakers.

5. Frequency Automatically Recognized:
The receiver and the microphone are equipped with a display screen, The signal is automatically connected, and it can be used directly next time it is turned on without adjustment.

How to connect to Bluetooth:

1. Turn on the Bluetooth function of your phone
2. Search "Karaok Base 3", connect the device
3. After the connection is successful, use the phone to play music
4. After output to the speaker, the music and the microphone sound are synchronized

How to adjust the frequency of the microphone:

1. Open the microphone battery cover
2. Press the adjustment key to adjust the frequency
3. When the frequency of the microphone is changed, the frequency adjustment is completed.

Wireless microphone working distance: 30 meters
RF bandwidth: 60MHz
Frequency points: 2*16
Signal-to-noise ratio: 96dB
Receive sensitivity: -95dBm
Bluetooth connection: KARAOKE BASE3

Microphone type: Dynamic microphone
Pickup method: cardioid pointing
frequency range: 560.5-594.5MHZ
RF bandwidth: 60MHz
Transmit power: 10mW
Frequency Response:50Hz-18KHz
Dynamic range: 96dB

Package Included: 1 Wireless Receiver, 2 UHF Wireless Handheld Microphones, 1 1/4" Audio Cable, 1 6.5mm audio cable , 1 Power Adapter, 2 Antennas, 2 Roll Rings, 1 x User Manual

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