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G-MARK POP4 Condenser Microphone

$79.00 USD
$79.00 USD

Main Feature:

1.Plug And Play

Simple plug and play, detachable USB cable

2.Clear Timbre

Using high-quality microphone core, it has a better low-end radio telepresence. Compared with any other microphones in the same price range, it has a more rounded sound and a smoother tone.

3. A Key Mute

The fast mute button and powerful answering mode reduce the misoperation rate and trigger immediate response in emergency situations such as coughing or smell.

4. Volume

The volume can be adjusted on the microphone, which is easy to use.

5. Real-time Monitoring Function

Built-in real-time response monitor headphone jack, providing stable and sweet feedback signal, providing you with a high-quality experience. Turn the monitor volume to suit your satisfaction with the built-in control knob.

Product Parameter

Sound head: Capacitor
Directivity: Super heart-shaped
Mode of use: support type
Maximum sound pressure level: 115dB 5.PL
Sensitivity: 45db
Voice amplification function: +1dB~+25dB gain adjustable
Frequency response: 20HZ-20KHZ
Maximum input upgrade: 104dB
Signal to noise ratio: 85dB
Dynamic range: 88dB
Power supply mode: USB power supply (DC 5V)
USB data cable: 3.5mm plug
Output interface: USB interface
Sampling: 48000HZ/16Bit
Microphone size: 15*5.5cm
Package weight: 0.75kg
Packing size: 27*17cm

Packing List

1*data cable
1*Packing box


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kyle D'Amore

It comes with a stand, which saves money on buying a desktop stand. Although its price is cheap, the quality is not reduced. You can buy it with confidence. I recommend it.

Orland Heller

It is a very cheap microphone that is suitable for computer use. I received it within 12 days.

Fay Weimann

I am very satisfied with its design. When connected to my mixer, the recorded sound quality is clearer than the lavalier microphone I used before. The sound quality is input to the computer for post-processing.

Randall McCullough

The package is well, although the arrival time is longer, but the product is worth it. It has a key noise reduction function, especially the one-key noise reduction function is very useful, which can liminate most of the noise, Make the recorded sound clearer, and it can adjusted the reverberation , great product, 5 stars !