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Karaoke Mic G-MARK GO1.2 Wireless Microphone Professional UHF Frequency Adjustable Metal Handheld For Party Show Teaching Wedding

$79.99 USD
$79.99 USD
  1. Adjustable Frequency:
    The adjustable frequency feature makes the GO1.2 suitable for various occasions. Whether you need clear transmission for a speech or conference or pursue excellent sound quality for a concert, you can adjust the frequency according to your actual needs and achieve the best sound performance. This flexibility makes the GO1.2 a valuable assistant in your work and life.
  2. Strong anti-interference ability in the UHF band: In busy wireless environments, such as large-scale event sites, multiple wireless devices may work at the same time, causing mutual interference. GO1.2 can effectively reduce interference and ensure the clarity and stability of audio transmission through ultra-high frequency UHF wireless technology and design.    
  3. 2 Channels Can Be Used Simultaneously: The professional receiver has 2 wireless microphones functions and separate volume and reverb control, enabling accurate vocal balance.     
  4. Frequency Automatically Recognized: The receiver and the microphone are equipped with a display screen, The signal is automatically connected, and it can be used directly next time it is turned on without adjustment.        
  5. Suitable for Multiple Occasions:
    Whether you're a singer, host, teacher, or speaker, the GO1.2 caters to your needs. From singing, meetings, outdoor activities, teaching, events, to church services - it excels in delivering outstanding sound quality and stable transmission in various settings. This versatility makes the GO1.2 your reliable companion for any occasion, enabling you to showcase your best voice performance.    
  6. Multiple colors available:
    Using different painting techniques and combining colorful elements, we provide customers with a variety of color options to make the use occasions more colorful.

Frequency conversion method of GO1.2:

  1. With the host and microphone turned on, open the battery cover of the microphone
  2. Press the button on the battery tube to complete a frequency modulation

Microphone parameters

Microphone type: dynamic
Pickup mode: cardioid
A microphone frequency range: 560.5-575.5 MHZ
B microphone frequency range: 580.5-595.5 MHZ
RF bandwidth: 60MHz
Frequency point: 2*16
Transmit power: 10mW
Frequency response: 50Hz- 18KHz
Dynamic range: 96dB
Harmonic radiation: <-50dBc
Distortion: <0.1%
Microphone battery: 18650 3.7V lithium battery

 Package Included: 
1* Wireless Receiver
2 * Wireless Handheld Microphones
1 *Power Cable
1* Audio Cable
2* Roll Rings
1* User Manual

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