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Microphone Wireless G-MARK G24S Dynamic SM58 Mic Fixed Frequency Handheld Mic For Stage Speech Wedding Show Band Home Party Church

$79.99 USD
$79.99 USD

Product Feature:

1. Dual Channel: The G-MARK wireless microphone provides clear, crisp sound quality with dual channel capability that allows two people to use it at the same time. Anti-interference function The signal is stable, it has the lightning matching function, and it can be connected when it is powered on.

2. 2. G-MARK's custom-made microphone capsule: The Karaoke microphone capsule developed by G-MARK has sensitive sound and high degree of reproduction. The silicone base is more shock-proof and noise-proof. Whether you're giving a presentation, hosting a meeting or throwing a wedding party and singing, our microphones will ensure your voice is loud and clear.

3. Metal shell: The shell of G-MARK G24S wireless microphon adopts luminum alloy metal structure, which is sturdy and durable, has a heavy feel, and thickens the grille to make the sound more realistic and prevent noise more effectively.

4. The receiving distance is about 20-50 meters: the frequency range is between 230.7-261.8MHz and 233.7-257.6MHz, providing clear and crisp sound quality for performances, suitable for small speeches, Karaoke , KTV, Home Party, Speakers, street singing, etc.

5. Frequency automatic identification: The microphone sets are equipped with a display screen, the signal is automatically connected, and it can be used directly without adjustment next time it is turned on.



Receiver Material:Plastic


Microphone Material:Metal

Frequency Range:230.7-261.8MHz,233.7-257.6MHz

Frequency Type:Fixed Frequency

Dynamic Range:96dB

Wireless Transmission Distance:30 M


Net Cover:Thicken

Microphone Capsule:G-MARK exclusive customization

Use For:Stage Speech Wedding Show Band Home Party Church 

Audio range: 50Hz-18KHz

Microphone battery: AA battery

Wireless receiving distance: about 20-30meters (barrier-free)

Signal to noise ratio: ≥ 80db

Frequency stability: ± 0.005%

Audio response: 40Hz- 16KHz

Dynamic range: ≥ 90db

Frequency accuracy: ±5KHz

Frequency deviation range: ±15KHz

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