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Audio Interface G-MARK Mix8 For the Guitarist Vocalist Podcaster Producer High Fidelity Studio Quality Recording

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$49.99 USD

Supports up to 8 audio channels: 
The MIX 8 is the most versatile mixer we've made to date. It can support multiple 6.5mm mono or 3.5mm stereo channels, making it fully suitable for musical instruments, turntables, mobile devices, speakers and much more.

This great feature lets you connect multiple MIX 8 mixers, Use the In, Out ports to take advantage of this feature.

MONO/STEREO switch key:
Mono and stereo switching can be adjusted to suit different musical instruments or microphone needs. The volume can be adjusted individually for each channel.

Totally reliable professional mixer:
With all the devices supported by MIX 8, you'll wonder how such a compact device can offer so many advantages. It is fully capable of connecting instrument equipment used on stage.
We welcome you to buy it and marvel at its capacity.

MIX 8 by G-MARK : a compact mixer with many features

The newly developed MIX 8 combines all the features you would want from a mixer 
Multi-microphone compatibility and different audio channels? 
Turntable, camera tripod and USB OTG friendly? 
We invite you to discover all the professional functionalities of our innovative mixing consoles. 

You'll find our standard echo, EQ, and individual channel controls along with a host of new cool features waiting to be discovered!

Compact 8-channel mixer with quick and easy operation and maximum volume, sound quality and signal fidelity
Operating elements and interfaces
at the back

(1) Connect the supplied power connector through the 5V interface. When the power street connector is connected to a power source, your mixer will automatically turn on and the POW light will light up
exist. To isolate the mixer from the mains, unplug it from the mains. NOTE: When putting the mixer into operation, make sure the mains plug is within easy reach If the mixer is rack mounted, make sure it can be easily detached from the mains via the plug's all-pole power switch.

(2) OUTPUT iack (OUTPUT terminal) transmits the MIX signal. It is a 6.3mm mono jack

(3) Connect an audio source with line level to these 6.3mm mono jacks (INPUT) If the volume of the audio source is turned up too high, the INPUT of the corresponding channel may be distorted.

(4) MONO/STEREO switch key.
Mono and stereo switching can be adjusted to suit different musical instruments or microphone needs. The volume can be adjusted individually for each channel.

(5) Agitator Level Indicator

(6) The LEVEL adjustment knob is used to adjust the output volume of each channel signal

(7) The OUTPUT adjustment knob is used to adjust the OUTPUT volume of the OUTPUT jack signal. WARNING: High volumes may damage hearing or damage your headphones. Before starting to run the mixer, turn all volume knobs to zero (the leftmost position). Always pay attention to maintain the appropriate volume

Quota input signal: main input (1 to 8 channels)
Current consumption: 230mA (max.) 5V DC adapter
Dimensions: 26.7*11.5*5.8CM
Weight: 820 g / 29 oz (body)

Package List:
Mini Mixer x 1 
Power Cable x 1 
User Manual x 1

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