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G-MARK Wireless Microphone SKM9000 Karaoke Mic Adjustable Frequency Ultimate Sound Clarity For Party Show Teaching Wedding

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Aluminum Alloy Metal Tube Body:
The aluminum alloy material not only offers a high-end appearance but also remarkable durability and corrosion resistance. This metal tube body can withstand daily bumps and scratches, ensuring that the microphone wireless remains as good as new. Whether for outdoor performances or indoor meetings, you can use it with confidence, without worrying about damage.

Adjustable Frequency:
The adjustable frequency feature makes the SKM9000 suitable for various occasions. Whether you need clear transmission for a speech or conference or pursue excellent sound quality for a concert, you can adjust the frequency according to your actual needs and achieve the best sound performance. This flexibility makes the G-MARK SKM9000 a valuable assistant in your work and life.

50-meter Wireless Operating Distance:
With a wireless operating distance of 50 meters, you are no longer tethered by cables when using the G-MARK SKM9000. Whether standing in the center of the stage for a performance or walking around the conference room for a speech, you can maintain smooth sound transmission, ensuring that your voice reaches every listener.

Compatible with Various Devices:
The G-MARK SKM9000 boasts excellent compatibility, allowing easy connection with various devices.  This wide applicability makes the G-MARK SKM9000 an essential choice for both work and entertainment.

Strong anti-interference ability in the UHF band: In busy wireless environments, such as large-scale event sites, multiple wireless devices may work at the same time, causing mutual interference. SKM 9000 can effectively reduce interference and ensure the clarity and stability of audio transmission through ultra-high frequency UHF wireless technology and design.

Suitable for Multiple Occasions:
Whether you're a singer, host, teacher, or speaker, the SKM9000 caters to your needs. From singing, meetings, outdoor activities, teaching, events, to church services - it excels in delivering outstanding sound quality and stable transmission in various settings. This versatility makes the G-MARK SKM9000 your reliable companion for any occasion, enabling you to showcase your best voice performance.

The G-MARK SKM9000 wireless universal microphone, a product that embodies our pursuit of excellence in quality and performance. Let's take a closer look at each of its features and the benefits they bring to you.  
Choosing the G-MARK SKM9000 wireless universal microphone is choosing a guarantee of quality and performance. It not only brings you an exceptional audio experience but also allows your voice to freely resonate in various settings. Don't hesitate to purchase the G-MARK SKM9000 and let your voice become the focal point, elevating your performance to new heights!

Wireless microphone working distance: 20-50 meters
RF bandwidth: 60MHz
Frequency points: 30
Signal-to-noise ratio: 96dB
Receive sensitivity: -95dBm

Microphone type: Dynamic microphone
Pickup method: cardioid pointing
Frequency range: 620-650MHZ
RF bandwidth: 60MHz
Transmit power: 10mW
Frequency Response:50Hz-18KHz
Dynamic range: 96dB

Package List:
1 * Wireless Receiver, 
1 * Wireless Handheld Microphone,  
1 * Power Charge cable,  
2 * Roll Rings, 
1 * 18650 Battery,
1 * 6.35mm to 3.5mm Converter,
1 * User Manual

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